Children and Youth Christian Education Classes

  • The class for 3 to 5 year olds is led by Valerie Kight and Gidget Landgraf. The children learn Bible stories and passages, learn songs, and have a prayer board. They use science projects such as Legos, fossil digs, owl pellets, etc. to show God’s creations in the world. They also have a secret Kids Cave! This class meets in the classroom across from the Gathering Area.
  • The class for the 4th and 5th grades is taught by Jane McCready. The class leads the children to a faith decision and nurtures them as believers in Jesus Christ. After a period of time, this class becomes the Confirmation Class. They meet in the cry room off the sanctuary.

(Students in this class are well on their way to participation in the church life and will remain in worship for the entire service, as there is no Children’s Church for them.)

  • A nursery is provided for children up to age 3. Grayson Richmond takes care of these little ones. Their rooms are the first and second classes in the Parker Building.