Dear Bride and Groom,

We are delighted that you are considering The Little Church on the Lane for your marriage ceremony. The following information is presented to help ensure that your rehearsal and wedding day will go smoothly and stress-free. Please take careful note of these guidelines. You are responsible for communicating all information to your wedding party, family members, and service providers including your florist and photographer.

Once the Wedding date is set, a non-refundable deposit of ½ of the church fee must be paid within 5 working days to reserve the date. Please be aware that the payment of fees for services rendered by the organist, wedding director and clergy should be made directly to those individuals. Those payments should be made at your rehearsal.

We encourage you to carefully read through all the following guidelines. Again we thank you for choosing The Little Church on the Lane. We pray your experience here will prove to be a wonderful time of celebration and joy.

In Christian Love,

Pastor Jeff Carter


Fee Schedule (Non members):

  • Sanctuary (seats 300) — $800.00
  • Chapel (seats 50) — $400.00
  • Clergy Honorarium (recommended) — $350.00
  • Organist — $400.00
  • Wedding Director* — $350.00 (wedding party of 10 people)*
  • Counseling Materials — $35.00
  • Sound Engineer (if required) — $75.00

*Additional $25.00 director fee for each additional couple or additional position.

*All attendants must be a minimum of 3 years of age.

Guidelines for Weddings*

  • The use of a Wedding Director from this church is required. This will ensure an easy flow of activities. A director’s name will be given soon after the deposit is made.
  • The pastor of the Little Church on the Lane will officiate at all weddings.
  • Weddings are not permitted on Sundays or Christmas Eve.
  • A minimum of six pre-marital counseling sessions are required and should be scheduled at least three months prior to your wedding date. Our pastor likes to use The Prepare/Enrich Pre-Marital Assessment to help you on your way to a successful marriage. This is an online assessment and will cost $35. If for unforeseen circumstances you choose Little Church on the Lane as your wedding venue and there is not enough time to engage in the pre-marital assessment, you are required to meet with our pastor after your wedding and honeymoon for post-marital counseling.
  • The pastor’s approval is required for final wedding program at least one month prior to service.
  • Your marriage is a sacred service of worship. simplicity is the best policy for your ceremony.
  • Two floral arrangements may be placed at the altar and need to be sized appropriately. our brass containers may be used and hold  a four inch or five inch paper mache filler.
  • A unity candle is available if you wish to use one in your service.
  • Rice or birdseed may not be used in the building or on church property.
  • We can supply glass holders and globes for use in the windows of the sanctuary.
  • Aisle decorations are permitted for reserved seating of family members and guests.
  • No tape, glue, staples or nails will be allowed in any area of the sanctuary or chapel.
  • The bridal couple is responsible for the care of the church use during their wedding.
  • Your florist or other responsible party should remove all decorations immediately following your ceremony. Another wedding may be taking place after yours and they will need to decorate.
  • If you wish to leave floral arrangements in honor or memory of family members, please notify the wedding director 30 days prior to your wedding date.
  • Flash photography will not be permitted during the ceremony.
  • The use of video cameras is allowed from the door of the chancel at the front of the sanctuary with an unattended camera and also from the balcony at the rear of the sanctuary.
  • Spotlights may not be used.
  • Music is a traditional and beautiful part of your wedding ceremony. Music selections should be sacred and reverent. Our organist can help you plan this special portion of the service.
  • Pre-recorded music is not to be used during the prelude or ceremony. This should be kept in mind when choosing vocal selections as well. It is your  responsibility to contact our organist for consultation about music for your wedding ceremony.
  • If you wish to use musicians other than our organist, our organist must still be notified for approval.
  • When outside organists are used, the fee of our resident organist must still be paid. The organist fee includes one consultation, rehearsal and ceremony.
  • Additional rehearsals will result in an additional charge of $25.00 per session. Please contact the church office to obtain the organist’s telephone number. Please contact our organist as soon as your date has been scheduled.
  • Final decisions concerning musical selections rest with our pastor.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any area of the church.
  • Alcoholic beverages or pets will not be allowed anywhere on the church property. This includes the parking lot and sidewalks.
  • We ask that the dressing areas used be restored to the order in which they were found as soon as possible following the service.
  • Rehearsals need to begin on time! There are often other wedding parties who will be rehearsing directly after you.
  • Please remind everyone in your wedding party that the rehearsal is a time to pay attention to details. We expect all persons involved to listen to the pastor during the rehearsal. The last rehearsal time is 8: 00 p.m.
  • At the pastor’s discretion, the church will be opened a total of three (3) hours for your wedding. Two (2) hours prior to the wedding, the church will be open for assembling, dressing and photograph.


The ministry at Little Church invites all couples to consider making our facilities a destination for their wedding day. At the same time, we live in a culture in which 65% of adults believe cohabitation is acceptable without understanding the benefits of abstaining from sexual involvement before marriage.

Benefits of waiting:

  1. By waiting you build trust. Trust is necessary for intimacy and it eliminates suspicion.
  2. By waiting your judgment is not clouded, therefore, you are able to more readily evaluate other aspects of your relationship.
  3. By waiting, communication continues and deepens. Anyone can kiss and engage in sexual activity but not everyone can carry on a meaningful conversation.
  4. By waiting, you affirm the worth of the person. You care more about them than your sexual desires.
  5. By waiting, you make your wedding night that more special and something to get butterflies about!
  6. By waiting, you gain God’s blessings and grace.
  7. By waiting, you abstain from transgressing against God’s nature and the purity of oneness in a husband/wife relationship in marriage.
  8. By waiting, you are protected by the emotional trauma should the relationship break off or end.
  9. By waiting, you develop self-control.
  10. By waiting, you are stronger at resisting extramarital affairs after marriage as well as affairs before marriage.
  11. By waiting, you avoid sexually transmitted diseases.
  12. By waiting, you avoid unwanted pregnancy.
  13. By waiting, you don’t avoid problems by using sex as a cover-up tool.
  14. By waiting, you learn other means of saying “I love you” that will stand you well in you marriage.

If you’ve been sexually active before your wedding day, don’t feel all is lost. Ask God and your fiance for forgiveness and establish new boundaries for sexual purity. Don’t place yourself in situations that could lead to failure. Many couples become financially tied together when they cohabitate thus making separation before marriage that much more difficult. Try to communicate and create a plan to live separately without straining your finances. Maybe the groom to be has a friend who will allow him to live with him for a few months before the wedding. Maybe the bride to be can move back with her parents for a time before the wedding.

Remember, your fiance is not your dream car that you test drive to see if you really want it! Each individual is created in God’s image and has intrinsic value not only in what they add to your life but because each of you are loved by God. God has a plan and purpose for your life and marriage can be a major part of that plan. It is said that marriage can be the closest thing to heaven or hell on earth that you will experience. Take the proper steps to create a lasting and fulfilling marriage that will be heaven on earth.



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